Entry #1


2016-07-26 18:49:41 by redmiranda

Howdy there! I'm redmiranda! You might know me from Deviantart as redmiranda1. I'm new here, so sorry if you contact me and all I do is ask questions. '^w^ Anyways, thanks for reading this! I'll have stuff uploaded soon, I swear!


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2016-07-27 02:13:19

Welcome to newgrounds. You might want to put your deviant art in your contact info so you can show your shit off.

redmiranda responds:

Oh my gosh I can do that! Thanks for telling me!


2016-07-28 10:52:37

hey, do you mind going to my page and checking out the knives I drew and rating them?

redmiranda responds:

I'd love to!


2016-07-28 17:11:30

Nice to know you here! :D

redmiranda responds:

Nice to know you too!


2016-07-28 18:23:53

Hi! Do you Like Music? :D

Nice to see you here!

redmiranda responds:

I love music!!